Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Voicing Wishes

 My school teacher once asked me" If you could have a wish granted , what would you wish for? I thought it was the easiest question to answer. Goodies to eat,  beautiful dresses to wear, a flawless complexion, long dark tresses-- infact the list was endless! 
Now with greying years, I increasingly realise how tough it is to answer this question. Not because a plethora of choices renders decision making difficult. But for the simple reason that we donot know what is good for us . And because we fail to take other related variables into consideration. For instance, if we were to  seek gratification by wishing for a good feast, it would be easy to get. But , If we were to lose our appetite for some physiological reason, or have  a nagging worry, or be in a situation which does not permit freedom to eat at our discretion, of what use is this feast then?
Similarly, a somewhat dreadful vision conjures up before me-- Wishing for  the company of a loved one forever.Think, just think, what might happen if he/ she stopped loving you and you were forced to go along with this person all because of your own "wishing" 
. A thought  might occur here to you . You might modify that wish to have' his loving company forever'. But  what if your own heart underwent a change ? The possibilities are endless. So it is wiser to leave it all to a Higher Wisdom and not wish for anything. With many such confused experiences, I  stopped making wishes long ago.

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