Monday, August 31, 2009

A Childhood Fascination

Unlike the present day, children in my generation were not decision makers. They had little freedom to express desires and had to contend with what they received. As a result, many desires -even simple ones - remained unfulfilled within. Some of these died away with growing years;some lay dormant biding the right time.
One such gnawing desire was to own and wear thin chains of colourful beads knotted in copper wire.These chains, though inexpensive, looked enticing and matched most occasions from casual to festive ones. I craved for owning one but finally gave up.
However,after nearly 50 years in time, when I spotted these chains, recently at an exhibition, I, now a grandmother, was overcome with nostalgia. I donot why I picked it up happily.Having bought it,I brought it home to feel and admire this art object of timeless beauty. Is there a child in every adult?
I donot know what to use it for now . Perhaps, I should give it away to some little girl in the street,who may be yearning for it...... that'd be ideal and perfect way of fulfiling my childhood desire.

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