Saturday, August 1, 2009

eh, to be a girl!

They were planning to shift house. A lot of unwanted junk accumulated over the years was being cleared. A tray full of old letters lay among the discarded junk including some broken toys ,dolls, which the 12 year old Amini was forced to abandon. Wanting to have one last look at it, Amini scoured the heap. A letter bearing her date of birth ,caught her attention. It was from her grandpa to her father . The letter said, 'Alas,your third born is also a girl!! What a tragedy, but God's ways are indeed inscrutable!'
It took a few moments for the truth to dawn on Amini that none had rejoiced at her birth. Tears began to flow down her cheeks . She did not hear her mother's call . Then came the yelling' Ah, the foolish girl, crying for her broken worthless doll. Is she?Born a girl, eh, What will you do when you have to leave behind all and go to your husband's? '

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  1. Wow! A short, yet thought provoking piece. I enjoyed reading your posts which are personal, informative yet simple.


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